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Autumn/Winter Pret Kit Gallon

Dimensions:13 x 7 x 7
In Stock: YES

Liquid, powdered, and gel bacterial culture; 1 quart treats 12,000 gallons; seeding new filters; clearing cloudy, unfiltered water

When you open a bottle of Microbe-Lift/PL there is a rotten egg smell. The odor is totally harmless, it dissipates within seconds, and it is there for a very; good reason. The product is designed to naturally produce hydrogen sulfide and to serve important functions. The hydrogen sulfide acts like an anesthesia to put the bacteria to sleep. That's why Microbe-Lift's live bacteria have the longest shelf life on the market. When you open the bottle and pour your Microbe-Lift/PL into your pond, the hydrogen sulfide flashes off and dilutes in the water, allowing the bacteria to wake up and become active

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