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Aqua One Pond Clarifier 40oz

Dimensions:6 x 9 x 4
In Stock: YES

  • Pond Clarifier  40 oz. Treats 11,000 Gallons
  • Concentrated, all-natural microbial treatment 
  • Helps reduce risk of fish disease
  • Works in cold water applications
  • Removes excess nutrients
  • Consumes decaying organic matter
  • Gets rid of unpleasant odor 

Aqua-One Pond Clarifier is fast becoming one of the top-selling pond clarifiers in America and the reasons are simple. It's likely the strongest, most complex beneficial bacterial pond clarifier product available. We also put a "best if used by" date on every bottle, which ensures you're getting an active, robust microbial solution. A healthy pond is alive, after all.  All-natural microbial pond clarifier helps restore a ponds balance:

The natural occurring microbes in Aqua-One Pond Clarifier feed on excessive nitrogen and phosphorous found in the water source
As the excessive nitrogen and phosphorous food sources are consumed, algae which also thrives on the same food source cannot grow
What is left is an ecosystem that is in balance, the proof will be cleaner and clearer water
Aqua-One Pond Clarifier gets rid of ponds odors typically associated with low-quality water issues.
Easy to use pond algae solution, throw it it and let it go to work.
Effective in both salt and fresh water environments.

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